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Block Parties 

Building Strong Relationships with Neighbors

Get To Know Your Neighbors. Host a Block Party!

The Village of Winthrop Harbor is committed to helping our neighbors build community, and one way we can do that is by helping them get to know one another through a Block Party event.

“Block Party” means the closing of one or more residential streets between intersections to conduct a neighborhood gathering or picnic for residents; other than for a parade, special event or commercial activity. Block Party Permits are issued to Village of Winthrop Harbor residents who would like to close a residential street they live on for a neighborhood gathering or picnic. 

The Village of Winthrop Harbor encourages organized block parties. 

Application Process

Requests for block parties, requiring closing any public street and/or requesting assistance from the Village of Winthrop Harbor, must be submitted on an application form prepared by the Department of Public Works . This application form must include the name, address, and daytime phone number of the contact person who is sponsoring and organizing the event. Applications must be submitted by email to the Department of Public Works a minimum of seven (7) days before the requested date of the block party. However; applications are reviewed and approved on a first-submitted, first-approved basis and residents are encouraged to submit their application form well before the minimum seven-day requirement.

All applications and requests to reserve a date for a block party must be submitted in writing and may not be requested by phone.

Other Neighborhood Events 

Some residents may prefer to have a neighborhood party or block party at a location that does not require the closing of a street. The application and review process will be the same, except that approval from other residents is not required. If this party is for a general neighborhood group or general community event, the Village will provide materials and supplies under the same conditions as a block party involving a street closing. This assistance will not include parties for individual families.

Approval By Residents 

Since any block party event that would close a public street will impact every resident on the street and their access to their home, the application must be approved by all residents in that block. The Village does not allow partial closing of any street to through traffic. Streets approved for block parties must be closed for the full length of the immediate block and must approve in writing the street closing. If any resident objects to the street closing, the Village will not approve the request.

Streets That Cannot Be Closed For Block Parties

Due to the impact on the general public and emergency vehicles, not all streets in the Village of Winthrop Harbor can be closed for a block party. The Village of Winthrop Harbor reserves the right to deny approval to close a street for a block party for major streets, single access roadways, concerns regarding public safety, and due to conflicts with other community events and activities.

Services Provided By The Village 

Once the application has been approved by the Village, the Village will provide barricades and sign(s) to close the street for the first request approved for any weekend. These items will be delivered to the intersection(s) of the approved road closure on the last working day prior to the scheduled party. The Village will collect these items, the first working day following the event.

Resident Responsibility 

The applicant is responsible to set out the barricades on the day of the event to close the street. The street is to be opened to normal traffic immediately upon completion of the block party. The applicant is responsible for the cleanup of the street, upon completion of the block party. This should include the removal of all trash, litter, and debris resulting from the block party.

 The approval of the block party request does not relieve the residents from the responsibility for damage to the village easement and Right of Way and to comply with regulations regarding disturbance of the peace.